PLUS 26 Distribution Amplifier
The Chilton Plus 26 is one of a number of peripheral
units designed to compliment the high specification
 CAD200 audio console.
The unit is housed in a 1U rack mounting case with
 internal power supply.
 For flexibility and cost a mixture of electronic and
 transformer balanced inputs/outputs can be supplied
 subject to the unit being fully loaded.
 A maximum of 2 inputs and 12 outputs are possible,
 mounted on 4 separate PCBs, all connections are
 all metal XLRs.
 Although basically a stereo unit, a switch allows 12
 mono outputs.
 Front panel presets are provided with visual bar-graph
 adjustment of output levels.
 Individual gain adjustment is fitted on each electronic
balanced PCB to allow for matched outputs and or different output levels.
 The performance of both electronic and transformer
 balanced outputs are close due to a design which
 practically eliminates low frequency distortion due to
 iron-core saturation.
 This allows high level drive and complete isolation
 between studio and destination